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Week 6, professional study. trends ppt

week 6: Introduction to the textile industry. the 'trends' industry


Within the Fashion and Interiors Industry
• Spring/Summer (SS)
• Autumn/Winter (AW/FW)
• Indicators?
• Fabric/yarn choices/weight/colour/cut of garments

Within the Gift/Surface Design and Designer Maker Industries
• Less ‘weather’ influenced
• Holiday times/specific annual events are often very influential
• E.g.?
• Christmas/birthdays/Easter/Halloween/Mothers Day etc.

• Trends books/predictions/journals are used by the majority of commercial design companies who produce design work for all levels of the market. Anyone wishing to work within design MUST acknowledge this.
• The ‘Trends’ industry is a multi-million pound business in itself.

• It started in Paris in the late 1950’s as a tool to help the local textile
industry modernize and adjust to the demands of a post war market.
• First trend-spotters were usually fashion journalists or society women. Initially recommending seasonal colour charts and fashion sketches.
• Today – music, film, global culture, cross over design trends, social trends, etc..... influences are more of a ‘melting pot’
• Use of ‘PANTONE COLOURS’ across most sectors of Industry
• Trend books are now the ‘bread and butter’ of the trends business. They are published 18 months ahead of the season, to adjust to the demands of the spinning, fabric and ready to wear industries
• At Trade Shows, fabric and yarn swatches as well as films/concepts are presented in Trends Forums

Influences on the Trends Books/Trend Cycle

• Other cultures
• Street fashion/sub cultures/’underground happenings’
• Internet phenomena
• Popular Culture, e.g. film, music etc.
• Cross over influences from other areas of art and design – fine art, fashion, graphics etc....
• Boutique hotels – often influence Interior trends
• Decorating cycles and reactions
• Consumerism
• New books
• Exhibitions

Influences on Retail and consumer trends
• Trade Shows – trends forums – trend predictions on a very commercial level – produced to sell fabrics etc. (Heimtex, Indigo, 100% design Surtex etc.)
• Journals

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