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Name: Trend Bible
Main focus area: Interior
Process and metrology:
"Home is at the heart of everything we do. Because we centre all of our efforts on the home, we develop in-depth insight into how householders engage with technology, food, healthcare products and their environment. How people live and what they use becomes the foundation for our projections of up to five years.

We have a deep understanding of family life, for adults and children, and how the home will have to perform to meet their future needs.

Whilst we look at a broad range of industries to track and monitor innovation, we don't believe it makes much sense to try and forecast trends for everyone. We're experts in our field, and providing this specialist service makes our experience very rich. We dedicate our whole team, all of the time, to scrutinising and understanding the home environment and how this will evolve"

Kids Trends: Spring Summer 2014

We’re reflecting on our Kid’s Lifestyle forecasts for Spring / Summer 2014. Published over two years ahead of the season, back in 2012, we’re now starting to see these trends emerge in store.
Below we’re sharing a snapshot of the trends we forecast. Check out ourPinterest feed to track all of our past forecasts and join us on Google+ to stay up to date with our newest releases.

Peaceful Protest Spring / Summer 2014

KSS14 OverviewPeaceful Protest references 1960s hippie culture, taking inspiration from an era that represents a time of peace, love, happiness and appreciating the simple pleasures in life. Inspiration also comes from festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury and Woodstock in its heyday, where the scene is set singing around the campfire.
A strong sense of creativity and exploration is retained in material and form with decorative homespun crafts featuring as an important part of this trend. Handknit and crochet combine with cotton embroidery, patchwork, quilting and naive floral prints for textiles. The colour palette compliments this free-spirited, bohemian attitude, mixing peach-tinted pinks, ochres and layered deep greens.
KSS14 Overview2

Luminescence Spring / Summer 2014

KSS14 Overview3
Children’s natural enthusiasm for exploration and learning influence this highly scientific trend, where nature is scrutinised and the wonder of the natural world begins to enthral and excite. Capturing the impossible begins to fascinate us and at-home prototyping becomes feasible for a whole generation of kids, who can play, experiment, make and sell like never before.
Blending biology and mathematics, Luminescence mixes the idea of experimentation with the very real possibilities of suborbital space travel. Natural and synthetic materials mix and imitate one another as we begin to integrate the science of nature into design and interior spaces.
KSS14 Overview4

Strange Stories Spring / Summer 2014

KSS14 Overview5
Drawing on rich cultural influences, this trend is a melting pot of inspiration. Strange Stories blends African heritage with craftsmanship in a colourful, highly decorative look. Inspired by the South African ‘Smarteez’; a collective of young street style creatives who use fashion to celebrate colour and pattern, this trend is playful and has a sense of humour. It encourages individualism, self expression and confidence.
Clashing patterns are juxtaposed with technical elements in a playful, eccentric way. Products take on a contemporary narrative with use of geometric, irregular and assymetric form, executed in intelligent synthetics. Characters are fun, delicate and odd animals, wearing bow ties, hats and spectacles and illustrated and painted in delicious colours.
KSS14 Overview6

Mechanical Spring / Summer 2014

KSS14 Overview7This story is all about products with personality, as gadgets become more like companions or pets with human emotions or elements which come to life. Algorithms and data interpreting adds a technical feel and computer generated concepts add a graphic edge to this slick kid’s story.
A minimalist ‘less is more’ approach drives this trend with clean lines and purist shapes, but there is a nod towards old-fashioned mechanics and industrial heritage with beautifully crafted wooden cogs and simple mechanisms. Textiles soften the edge of this trend and make it baby friendly.
KSS14 Overview8


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