Sunday, 3 November 2013

Package Design: Steam Cream

STEAMCREAM is a skincare product brand in UK. The reason I notice this product was because of the packaging, this brand only sells one kind of cream, but there are so many different beautiful tins. Same cream, same packing size, different surface design. Every designs are unique, there are always something new comes up like they will never run out of designs.

"Our beautiful, eco-friendly limited edition tins are designed by us but we do also enjoy working with other inspiring designers to spice things up. Grab your favourites before they sell out!
When you’ve used your STEAMCREAM, keep your tin for storing things and come back to see what’s new.
STEAMCREAM is an award winner. We won the CEW (UK) Award for Best Everyday New Skincare and Pure Beauty Award for Best Design & Packaging. Once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why!"
"STEAMCREAM’s latest collaboration with talented Japanese poet, designer and embroidery artist Mako Kikkawa is here. Inspired by the majestic Hoàn Kiêm Lake in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, this design was carefully embroidered by hand and transformed into a beautiful tin."
special edition of 2014: Ma- the year of horse.
design based on one of the 12 Chinese birth signs of the Chinese zodiac.
In their blog there are also shows the other years of horse, and other famous that were born in the horse years. That makes this design more special and more collectable for certain people.
 Mockingbird by Nadia Syaheera: The winner of "Design A Tin Compition" 2013 

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