Saturday, 19 October 2013

Interior:The White Company

The White Company: Designer quality white stuffs for the home that were affordable.

"A little bit of history
It all began in 1993... At the time, the few white items I could find and afford were somehow all such cheap designs and of average or poor quality. All the gorgeous, high-quality ones I loved were only to be found in the designer departments and of course, with the designer label came the snooty sales assistant and the high price tag!

So I set on a mission to create a company that specialised in supplying stylish, white, designer quality items for the home that were affordable. In addition, a company that made its customers feel welcome and provided a shopping experience that was second to none.

Today, the company that began its life as a 12 page mail order brochure has become one of the UK's fastest-growing, award-winning multi-channel retailers."

Products range including most interior items. Like  beddings, towels, home accessories and some furnitures. The special style of The White Company is really neat and simple, and the colours are white based, sometimes adds a little pale colours (light grey) into the design.


Market level

The prizes of the products from The White Company are not cheap but reasonable. (because of the quality of the fabric per se)

Prizes for cushions are almost between £20-£40.
Double duvet bed linen: £40-£200
(£155: Egyptian cotton sateen 800tc)
(£170: Egyptian cotton percale 720tc)

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